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4th Year Geography Field Trip 2017

4th Year Geography Field Trip 2017
4th Year Geography Field Trip 2017

On the 4th of October 2017, Dargan 4 along with Chadwick 4 accompanied by Ms O’Brien and Mr Kissane visited the marvellous, the fantastic, the scenic Glendalough. We attended our first three classes and waited anxiously for the time our bus was to arrive. The time finally came when we gathered in the forum and collected the money. After a quick briefing of the itinerary for the day, we boarded the bus excitedly. When the bus finally rolled out of the school, we jumped for joy even though we were meant to have our seatbelts on!

The bus travelled moderately fast which caused a few girls to feel faintly car sick. However, when we were loaded off the vehicle, we breathed in the fresh countryside air and all our problems suddenly vanished.

First on the agenda was the treacherous 2km hike up to the lake. We made sure to capture the beautiful sights we saw with the school camera. We finally reached our destination and this time we really could jump for joy!! The adventurous atmosphere grew when we slid our feet into our wellies. We were now ready to commence with our project.

We planned on completing four tasks. Our first task was measuring the velocity of the river. It was 0.6 m/s if anyone was wondering. The second task was sketching a picture of the river using a view finder. It is safe to say we are all mini Van Goughs! Our third task which was to measure the cross section of the river. A few brave souls dived into the action and measured the cross section of the river for our class, this action involved a few wet feet! Our forth, final and favourite task was to examine the stones, rocks and boulders laying peacefully on the bed of the river, until we disturbed them (they weren’t too happy). We examined them carefully by measuring them and we classed them into groups before proceeding to plonk them back into the stream of water.

We picked up all our litter. We didn’t have any time to leisurely stroll back to the bus, we had schedule to follow! We speed walked down the hill and had a quick toilet break and visited the tourist centre. We hopped back onto the bus and returned back to the homeland (school).

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned about what leaving cert geography would be like. We look forward to our next outing.

Many thanks to Ms. O'Brien for organsing the day and to Mr. Kissane for accompanying us.

By Anna Widger and Anna Dignam

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