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Ski Trip Diary Part 4 2018

Ski Trip Diary Part 4 2018
Ski Trip Diary Part 4 2018

Day 4 Group 5

As per the usual our room was awakened by an alarm at an ungodly time in the morning aka 7:00 am. I proceeded to not get out of bed until the last possible moment and then had breakfast with the rest of the group. We then walked to the ski lift, went up to the mountain, got our skis and were ready for a day of skiing.

I am in Louisa’s group, although we call it ‘The Advanced Beginners’ to sound more professional. Yesterday we had been skiing on our first red slopes with hardly anyone falling over. This gave us a sense of confidence- we were basically professionals at this point- however today there were several spectacular wipe-outs, crashes and forgetting to come off chair lifts and having to be rescued. I have two pieces of advice based on my two falls. One: the orange poles are there for a reason and that reason is not target practice. Two: when you are on a new and difficult slope, don’t try to see if you can remember all the words to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. Special mention goes to Sophie D for crashing and totally uprooting a fence and then later forgetting how to put her skis on.

After these shenanigans in the morning we were nervous for our trip from the top of the mountain to the bottom. At first we were cautious and scared, we had been made very aware of the danger of this slope but as we passed out of the danger zone and into more normal skiing, we began to let loose and have fun. As we zipped around slopes that had previously petrified us, I marvelled at how much we had improved, how much everyone on the trip had improved and I was proud of everyone and glad I had come .... even as I complained about pain in muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Grace O’H

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