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What is Literacy?

'Literacy includes the ability to use and understand spoken language, print, writing and digital media'

Source: (Department of Education and Skills. “Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life.” 2011.)

Can you Spell?

This year, the school will be continuing with our spelling campaign. In addition to our list of 20 words from last year, we have selected 25 new commonly misspelt words and focussed on five of them each week. Having tested a number of the students at the outset of the campaign, we will be re-examining them regularly to assess its effectiveness.


Our School will introduce the following initiatives:
  • Introduce a qualitative and quantative reading programme across the school to ensure that all our students develop a habit of reading,
  • Each teacher will use a literacy checklist to ensure that literacy is embedded in every class,
  • Each Subject Department will teach the key vocabulary/terms to each student,
  • Ensure that each student is offered a regular reading class,
  • Multi language debating opportunities will be offered at all levels

Info for Parents

Here are some useful tips and resources for parents to encourage your children to develop a habit of reading for pleasure and to learn how to use information effectively.

Info for students

Here are some useful tips and resources for students to encourage reading for pleasure and the effective use of information.
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