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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Mount Anville website. I hope that it will provide you with an insight into the ethos and atmosphere of the school.

Two hundred years ago the Society of the Sacred Heart was founded in a hospitable response to the crises of early modernity when the rapid transformation of social forces and political philosophies had destabilised traditional thinking and brought a wholly new civilisation into being. Two hundred years later, in the global tumult of today’s world, a renewed ensemble of energies, both religious and lay, continues evangelically to engage the grandeur and the grimness of our earth with the Easter confidence of Christian faith. Across an indivisible planet, the Society proclaims the sacredness of the individual heart as the clue to universal cohesion.

The glory of God, said Saint Irenaeus, is a human being who is utterly alive. By opening and disclosing the immense inherent giftedness of the girls in our care, we hope that their radiant talents will eventually challenge and change the future in the name of authentic human community. The intellectual exhilaration of serious study isn’t only an important practical pursuit for the purposes of a later livelihood but also a summons to solidarity with the least of our species. The figure on the cross in our classrooms quizzes and question-marks the decorum of the desks. Without the skills of stillness which prayerfulness unfolds, the passion of Jesus cannot enter and inhabit us as the compassion of Christ.

Accordingly Mount Anville prepares equally for the life of work and for the work of life itself, for appointments and for disappointments also. Unhappiness and failure are a core part of the definitive human existence that is modelled in the ministry and death of Jesus of Nazareth, and the school seeks always and everywhere to nurture the practice of discernment and of patience that can help to mature a disfiguring experience into a transfiguring event. The school motto, In Te Confido, epitomizes that simple and complex spirituality. It affirms that we are creatures of resurrection and that the course of our life will call upon us repeatedly to rise up from the dead in newness of being before the Lord who adores us.

Before they were formally named as the Society of the Sacred Heart in post-revolutionary Europe, the early professed companions of Madeleine-Sophie Barat were known straightforwardly to secularists as dames de foi, as women of faith. In the post-religious realm of the continental millennium, as the institutions of consecrated life fade to flower again in a different form, the Order is recuperating that more general character. It is as women of faith that Mount Anville commissions its alumnae to go forth, brimming with a sensible and a scriptural optimism, wholeheartedly in the service of the sacred, which is no dedicated niche in the natural order but the sum total of things under the gaze of God.

Patricia Bourden
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