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Lenten Prayer

Lenten Prayer

We celebrate the liturgical season of Lent.

Lent is an opportunity to Refresh, Renew, Reconcile and Respond.

Lent is a transforming time, a time for renewal and rediscovery, enabling us to stop and breathe and take stock of our lives. Taking a few minutes out from our hectic world each day and to give ourselves a little space and time can be your gift to yourself as you prepare for Easter. In the Gospels we are told that Jesus frequently goes away to a quiet place to pray, to escape the crowds, to spend time with God.


Lord, in my busy-ness, this Lenten Season with Your help I will try to...

Give up complaining Focus on gratitude.

Give up pessimism Become an optimist.

Give up harsh judgments Think kindly thoughts.

Give up worry Trust in God.

Give up discouragement Be full of hope.

Give up bitterness Turn to forgiveness.

Give up negativism Be positive.

Give up anger Be more patient.

Give up gloom Spread joy.


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