Mount Anville Secondary School


  • Students to see the importance of mathematics their lives
  • Develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding for education and life
  • Encourage students to make connections between topics in mathematics and other subjects


  • Students able to comprehend mathematical concepts and operations
  • Students able to complete mathematical procedures accurately and appropriately
  • Students able to solve mathematical problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • Students able to recognise mathematics in their lives


  • First Year complete the Common Introductory Course (CIC), preparing the students for the Junior Certificate Mathematics syllabus
  • Second & Third Year students complete the Junior Certificate Syllabus
  • TY students complete a range of modules, revision of Junior Certificate topics, literacy module, ICT module
  • Fifth & Sixth Year students complete the Leaving Certificate Syllabus

Five Strands of Study at both Junior Certificate & Leaving Certificate:

  • Probability & Statistics
  • Geometry & Trigonometry
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Functions


  • Every maths class will have a class test at the end of every chapter or topic
  • Common tests for the Christmas and Summer House Exams at Higher Level and Ordinary Level

Maths Competitions:

The maths department organise and encourage as many students as possible to participate in a number of Maths and Applied Maths Competitions run by the IMTA and the IAMTA.

  • In 1st year all our students compete in the IMTA Irish Junior Maths Competition. This is a national competition for 1st Year students and the highest scoring students from round 1 are invited to participate in one of a number of regional finals held throughout the country.
  • In 3rd year a team of four students will be invited to represent Mount Anville in the IMTA Pi Competition for 3rd Year students.
  • In 3rd year and TY students have an opportunity be part of a school IAMTA team to compete in the Junior Problem Solver Quiz organised by the IAMTA
  • TY, 5th and 6th year students also have the opportunity to complete the first round of the IrMO, to be invited to train with them for the chance to represent Ireland at the IMO (International Mathematics Organisation Competition)
  • In 6th year up to 8 students (two teams of four students) will be chosen to compete in the Higher Level Team Maths Quiz organised by the IMTA

Useful links:

In 2013 the Maths department underwent a full subject inspection by the Department of Education, the findings of the inspection were extremely positive and affirming. [link to report ]

"Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and arithmetic (number theory) is the queen of mathematics”

Carl Friedrich Gauss, 1777 – 1855

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