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Music has a strong cultural, academic, religious and social presence in day to day life at Mount Anville Secondary School. The Junior & Senior Cycle Music course has been specifically devised to suit the entire range of student aptitude and ability. The course has been created to enable all students to acquire musical skills suited to their age, varying abilities and musical experiences.


To encourage the development of musical creativity, sensitivity and potential through active involvement in performing, composing and listening to music.


All First Year students sample music as part of a taster module. Lack of instrumental skill should not put any student off taking Music. Students that decide to study music will be taught the recorder in class and are also involved in class-based singing.

Junior Certificate:

The Music course for the Junior Certificate covers all genres of music from early classical to modern day pop and rock. Students preparing for Junior Certificate Music are also involved in the acquisition of listening, performing and composing skills. Through the gradual development of these three key skills the Junior Certificate musician will have a better understanding of music, both inside and outside the classroom.

Junior Certificate Exam:

Performing - 25%

(The practical exam takes place in March/April)

Listening and Composing – 75%

(The listening and composing exam is sat in June)

Leaving Certificate:

The Leaving Certificate Music syllabus provides continuity and progression from Junior Certificate Music. In providing the musical knowledge, understanding, practical competencies and attitudes appropriate to their age, abilities and interests, the syllabus caters for the varying needs of all students including those who wish to pursue further studies in music.

Leaving Certificate Exam:

The exam is based around the three components:

Listening (25%)

Composing (25%)

Performing (25%)

Students choose one of these three components to complete the remainder 25% of the exam.

This will allow students to gain up to 50 per cent of the total marks in the musical activity that best suits their talent.


  1. Do I need to play an instrument outside school to study music for the Junior Certificate?

No, students that decide to study music will be taught the recorder in class and are also involved in class-based singing. Some students decide to take up an instrument after they choose music as a subject but this is not a necessity.

  1. Can I do music if I am not a good singer?

Yes, although class based singing is taught in class, it is not necessary to sing for the practical exams in music.

  1. Can I study music for the Leaving Certificate even though I haven’t sat the Junior Certificate Music exam?

Yes, some students who play an instrument or sing outside school will take music up for the Leaving Certificate.

  1. Is music a recognised subject for the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate?

Yes, music is a recognised subject for both the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate.

Some benefits of studying Music:

  • A mastery of memorization:Even when performing with sheet music, student musicians are constantly using their memory to perform. The skill of memorization can serve students well in education and beyond.
  • Increased coordination:Students who practice with musical instruments can improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Students stay engaged in school:An enjoyable subject like music can keep students interested and engaged in school.
  • Preparation for the creative economy:Investing in creative education can prepare students for the 21st century workforce. The new economy has created more artistic careers.
  • Development in creative thinking:Students who study the arts can learn to think creatively. This kind of education can help them solve problems by thinking outside the box and realizing that there may be more than one right answer.

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