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picture_of_liz.jpgPrincipal’s Welcome

Welcome to the community of Mount Anville which dates from 1853. The principles on which Mount Anville School was established all those years ago as are true and relevant today as when they were first espoused. They embody a unique understanding of young women and their potential for leadership, their important contribution to our society and their overarching care for others.

Mount Anville is one of the foremost educational establishments for girls in Ireland with a reputation for academic excellence and a strong tradition in sport and the arts. Within a culture of hard work, positive learning experiences, a strong pastoral care system and excellent facilities, we strive to enable each student to grow to her full potential, developing her gifts and talents in all areas.

The Gospel values are cherished, promoted and practiced in Mount Anville. The school motto ‘In Te Confido’ signals the centrality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is as young women of faith that our students join the adult world with a well-developed belief in their abilities and their responsibility to act as agents of social justice in the local and global community. We prepare our students to live a life that will make a difference to society.

It is a great privilege to lead this eminent school as we face into a world of new and exciting challenges and opportunities for the young women in our care.

What emerges in the pages of this website is a small window onto a world of new knowledge, inspirational teaching and the many opportunities to thrive that our students experience daily.

The atmosphere in Mount Anville School is beautifully expressed in the words of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart

Give only good example to the children

Never correct them when out of humour or impatient

Win them by appealing to their piety and to their hearts

Soften your reprimands with kind words

Encourage and reward them

That is, in short, our way of education

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website. However, to fully understand and appreciate the benefits of a Mount Anville education, you should really come and visit us in person. We will be delighted to welcome you to experience our exceptional school community.

Liz Caffrey

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