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Chaplains Office

Chaplains Office

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The new Government guidelines regarding Covid 19 and information received from the Dublin Archdiocese, states that all School Retreats and Masses are postponed until further notice.

St. Madeleine Sophie’s once said:

“Engrave the faith deeply in their hearts...put before them the revelation of the Father’s love and mercy.”

With that quotation in mind, the Chaplain in Mount Anville Secondary School operates on an interdenominational basis and accordingly supplies pastoral care services to all the students, staff, past pupils, and families who make up the Mount Anville Community.

The work of the Chaplain can be described under the following headings:
  • Ministry to the students.
  • Ministry to the family of the student.
  • Mnistry to all members of staff.
  • Ministry to past pupils.
  • Ministry through the liturgy.
Saint Madeleine Sophie claimed that the Heart of Christ was the main focus of her life. “With a mystic’s insight she knew that each child is deeply loved by Christ...She wanted every pupil’s faith to deepen through the curriculum, through formation of character and through the ethos of the school.” In the spirit of Saint Madeleine Sophie this vision is also shared by the Chaplain, who, as a person of faith on behalf of the school and church communities, accompanies young people on their journey through life.

Open Door

No matter what stage in life we are at, all of us need some kind of support. The Chaplain provides an open door where students, as well as other members of the school community, can come and receive support in a confidential and safe way. Many students will use this open door as their first step to dealing with a problem or seeking help. At times the Chaplain may think another member of staff or counsellor may be of help to the student and with their permission may refer them to another support person. The School Chaplain works closely with the Guidance Counsellors, Class Tutors and Year Heads, all of whom make up a Pastoral Care Team. The Chaplain also works in collaboration with the school management to promote a harmonious school environment.


Chaplains make the faith dimension of their work explicit through their frequent involvement in Eucharist and Liturgy. The Chaplain should endeavour, where possible, to ensure that the liturgical life of the school is well celebrated, such as the opening of the School Year, Advent, Lent, Feast Days specific to the Society of the Sacred Heart, Graduations, Funerals and other traditional services celebrated by the school.

Through leading and organising prayer, meditation and other forms of liturgy the Chaplain reminds the students that God is with them through life and in particular through the school year. “In an age with limitless obstacles to faith and salvation, sanctity is more necessary than ever.” St. Madeleine Sophie


The Chaplain is trained in the theory and practice of counselling. Unlike other pastoral professionals in schools such as home-school liaisons and guidance counsellors, the School Chaplain offers counselling in a faith context. This faith dimension will sometimes be explicit, but more often than not it is implied in the care offered by the Chaplain, as the students will know that the Chaplain’s ministry is linked to the church and the divine.

Bereavement Support

Research has shown that many chaplains spend much of their time offering bereavement support to pupils, parents and teachers alike. While some pupils will come to talk with the Chaplain about a significant loss in their lives, others will join bereavement support groups facilitated by the Chaplain or other members of the Pastoral Care Team. Many pupils find it difficult to return to school after a death or separation in the family; the Chaplain will have the time to be available and to support the bereaved pupil in their return to school.


The Chaplain works closely with all those involved in promoting the “Goals” of the Sacred Heart School. The Chaplain also organizes and supports other societies and groups within the school such as St. Vincent de Paul, Faith Friends, Ministers of Eucharist, Ministers of the Word, Altar Servers, etc.


The Chaplain, while not in a formal disciplinarian role, at all times supports and promotes the discipline policies in the school. The Chaplain is available to help in pastorally addressing the underlying causes of a pupil’s undisciplined behaviour.

Ultimately, the chaplain seeks to open an awareness of the love of the heart of Christ within each member of the school community and to help them work together in recognizing the needs both within and outside of the community, helping each other to fulfill the words and vision of Jesus Christ as written in St. Matthew’s Gospel:

“Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? When did we see you a stranger and make you welcome, naked and clothe you? When did we find you sick or in prison and go to see you?” And the King will answer, “In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of my brothers or sisters, you did it to me.”

Mt. 25:37-40


“The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was formed to help people in need, and to enable members to live the Gospel while developing their own relationship with God. This is what makes us different to so many other organisations.” (Soc. of S.V.P. Guidelines) The Society of St. Vincent de Paul here in Mount Anville Secondary School follows these same guidelines. Throughout the school year an elected group of eight Transition Year Students meet on a bi-weekly basis (or as needed) to pray and share ideas and experiences of how to best help those in need. The students organise various fundraisers and use the money to support a “Fun Day” on the school grounds for children from an underprivileged area. The biggest project in the school for S.V.P. is the annual Christmas food drive where various food items are brought in by all the students in the school and “Christmas Food Hampers” are created and given to families in need during the holidays. The ultimate goal of the organisation is to be the visible sign of Christ within the school community and to show and share His love through the good work they do.


Youth in Christian Leadership is the backbone of “Faith Friends”. “This is a programme where young adults – whom we call Faith Friends – help children prepare for their Confirmation.” The role of the Faith Friend is not to teach the children about faith, but to give witness to their faith, to share with the confirmation students how their faith effects their own daily living. For a period of six weeks prior to the confirmation ceremony, sixteen 5th Year students meet with those children preparing for the sacrament and share with them various topics like “When did I feel close to God?”, “How do I pray?”, “The gifts God has given me.”, and so on. The whole experience is a concrete example of welcoming the confirmation students into a faith-loving community of which they become a stronger witness.

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